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Dec. 18, 2014 Annual Board Retreat

Women in Higher Education in Tennessee

2014 Annual Retreat

December 18, 2014

Board members in attendance: Jewell Winn, Shanna Jackson, LaKeisha Armstrong, Ramona Whitworth, Connie Huddleston, Patricia Burks-Jelks, Regina Henry, Arlene Nicholas-Phillips, Lori Groves-White, Cassandra Anderson, and Cissy Holt

Meeting was called to order by Dr. Winn, beginning with a motivational moment.

Organizational SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)-We need to focus on ways to grow; continue to step outside our comfort zone; and build on strengths.

Day on the Hill-We need to form a committee and have a theme and agenda for this year’s day on the hill meeting.

Strategic Plan-the current plan expires 2015, so we need to revisit. Shanna, Arlene, Patricia and Nancy will work on this.

Overview of Conference—

We need to send out the Save-the-Date information earlier than usual.

Registration needs to be done electronically.

People are still confused about the difference of the Membership and Conference fees.

Call for proposals will need to be sent out as soon as we know the theme.

Proposal must align with theme.

Website needs to be updated.

Possible dates for the 2015 Conference: October 15th and 16th, or 22nd and 23rd.

Dr. Winn will contact Dr. McPhee for a date.

Dr. Apple will retire on June 30th. We will plan something special for her in May.

Dr. Winn will appoint a nominating committee to determine new officers.

In order to move forward, Dr. Winn appoints Connie as acting chair until Henrietta can proceed.

Treasurer’s Report-given by LaKeisha

We will need to adopt a 2015 budget. Patricia will find someone to assist LaKeisha with the budget.

The balance is $22,654.14. This report was moved and properly seconded, and accepted by the board.

The membership form must be linked on the website so that it will take prospective members straight to form to complete and pay.

Every souvenir should have the WHET web address on it.

Conference Assessment—given by Regina

Overarching-members want more opportunities for engagement, and more “questions and answers” time.

Facilitators-will need to stay on task for time management.

We need to meet with speakers in a speaker prep room.

Website—add conference proceedings on the website for members only (with a disclaimer to the presenter).

Storage—we need to look into renting at least a 5X5 storage area for WHET supplies.

Poster Sessions—we want to engage our graduate students to do poster presentations.

Webinar—utilize technology by doing a webinar for one of the break-out sessions during the conference.

Thursday Night Reception—must find a sponsor.

Communication Plan—Regina will send us her vision on an effective plan.

Member Spotlight-Regional representatives should help identify members who need to be acknowledged, but the executive board should know the membership and be able to identify members who deserve to be spotlighted.

Graduate Students—It was moved a properly seconded to add three graduate representatives from public, private and proprietary institutions to focus on graduate programing. Motion accepted.

Membership—given by Patricia

Simplify the form so that everyone understands how much it cost to be a member, plus the conference fees.

Add the link to direct prospective members directly to the page.

We need to thank all members for joining WHET.

Look at the infrastructure of pricing for membership for institutions.

Level I:    5 members $200.00

Level II:   10 members $425.00

Level III: 15 members $650.00

Primary Liaison will be the Institutional Representative.

Membership will expire September 30th

Membership committee needs to look at literature and send out information as soon as possible.

Chapters for WHET— it was decided that Institutional Representatives should be more involved. Starting institutional chapters would also require by-law revisions.

The membership committee will need to come up with a plan to include the Institutional Representatives.

2015 Professional Development Series—conducted by Connie

Regional Representatives will plan for the year, not just do recruiting.

Institutional Representatives should do a brown bag session about WHET.

Theme—“Continue to Move the Needle Forward”

By-Laws Revisions—Review by-laws in depth

Elected Officers—may be elected up to 3 terms (2 years each)

Calendar—should be set at annual retreat

Annual Report—We need an annual report for membership presented at the annual meeting.

Presidents Council—serves as an advisory.

501c3—we need to think about getting it.

Board Insurance—we need someone to look into it and give quotes for “Board of Directors” insurance.

We need to think about giving a scholarship to a female student.


2015 Calendar

January 29th—1:00 p.m. (Central) Board Meeting via Conference Call

Call in: 605-475-4000

Participant Access Code-221962#

We need to discuss 501c3

We need two dates for membership solicitation (current and new)

February 26th—11:30 a.m. (Central)—Brown Bag Webinar at MTSU “Getting IR’s Engaged: Enhancing your Campus Presence in WHET”

Abbreviated board meeting following webinar.

Member Spotlight

Budget Adopted

Insurance Quotes


March 2nd or 4th –Day on the Hill

Women’s History Month


March 26th (possible)—West Regional Meeting

Board meeting afterwards


April 23rd—1:00 p.m.—Conference Call Meeting

Date TBA East Regional Meeting (or July)


May 21st—Dr. Apple’s Retirement Celebration

Date TBA Middle Regional Meeting


June—No Meeting


July—Working month for committees


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