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Membership in WHET demonstrates that the institution supports the engagement, dedication and advancement of women in higher education. WHET provides professional development, mentoring, networking and career enrichment for women and serves as a resource of highly qualified and competent individuals that may be tapped for career opportunities at institutions.

Institutional Membership includes the individual WHET membership for an Institutional WHET Liaison (Primary Representative) and four additional individual institutional representative memberships (total of 5 individual memberships and Institutional membership) in addition to the Institution’s membership.The Institutional Liaison serves as your campus link to WHET.

The liaison participates and encourages participation in local, regional, and statewide meetings, assists in planning professional development activities, provides information about new appointments, resignations, position vacancies and keeps the president informed about WHET initiatives and activities.

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The benefits of WHET membership go beyond the awesome network of professional women in higher education that you will develop. Your membership entitles you to a reduced conference registration rate, free professional webinars, access to a mentoring network, access to the latest career opportunity postings by colleges and universities, and access to current articles published in higher education.  These are only a few of the fruits you will reap from being a member of Women in Higher Education in Tennessee.

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