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March 26, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

WHET Executive Board Meeting

March 26, 2014

Middle Tennessee State University, Foundations House

11:00 am

Board Members present:  Jewell Winn, Ramona Whitworth, Patricia Burks-Jelks, La Kiesha Armstrong, Connie Huddleston, Dalila Duarte, Henrietta Kellum-Lusk, Cassandra Anderson; Board conference call participants- Cissy Holt, Lisa Borre, Nancy Ramsey, Lorie Groves-Whites, Regina Henry


  1. Call to Order at 11:15 a.m. by Dr. Jewell Winn


  1. Minutes & Treasurer’s Report by La Kiesha Armstrong
  1. Motion to accept board meeting 2-25-14 minutes as read
    Motion carried
  2. Motion to accept March 2014 Treasurer’s report as read
    Motion carried


  1. ACE Network by Dr. Jewell Winn for Shanna Jackson
  1. Conference attended by Dr. Shanna Jackson, ACE liaison and President Winn
  2. ACE summary report provided by Dr. Jackson.  Report emailed to board by Dr. Winn
  3. Recommendation from C. Huddleston to include Institution Presidents to represent community colleges, technical institutes and four-year institutions with establishing a WHET task force on ACE initiatives.
  4. Report has five goals.  ACE liaison will send PowerPoint with additional information to board


  1. Committee reports:
    1. Website by Dalila Duarte
  1. Photos to be added this week
  2. Post pictures and highlight information about past events and current events
  3. Membership log in and enhanced options.  Currently site allows members only access for 150 to 350 sign in page at not cost.
  4. Recommendation to archive minutes, Treasurer’s report and webinars, Oct-Sept (twelve month cycle) on the members only website.
  5. Charge to develop a standard operating procedure manual
    1. Membership by Patricia Burks-Jelks
  1. WHET Membership fees currently effective October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2104
  2. Establish separate deadlines for 2015 membership fees and 2014 annual conference registration fees. No option to pay membership on annual conference form.  Keep forms separate.
  3. Spotlight member one per month- committee will establish the first acknowledgment by April meeting.
  4. La Kiesha to send list of institutional members to Patricia and Lisa.
  5. Lisa to send a list of WHET members to Patricia and La Kiesha.
    1. Budget by La Kiesha Armstrong
  1. Board reviewed proposed budget each income and expenses description and amount. Adjustments noted for each line item.
  2. Motion to accept a balance budget $20,250
    Motion carried
  3. Treasurer report and revised budget attached with March minutes


Note:  Dr. Winn- Request to extend March board meeting by 30 minutes

    1. Graduate Students and Communications by Dalila Duarte
  • Continue to work with Membership committee as events are planned
    1. Professional Development by Connie Huddleston
  • Additional webinar and annual conference details to discuss with committee
    1. East rep- Nancy Ramsey
  • Scheduled event- April 4 at 9:00 a.m. at Pellissippi State in Knoxville, TN; $250 for speaker; 30 participants confirmed; no charge to member/nonmember participants
    1. West rep- Cassandra Anderson
  • Proposed event- September 2nd, 3rd or 4th Friday at Jackson State Community College in Jackson, TN
    1. Middle rep- Cissy Holt
  • Proposed event- May 28th, 29th (preference) or 30th at Columbia State Community College (Franklin campus)
    1. Scholarships/Awards by Regina Henry
  • Discussion during April board meeting.
    1. Annual Conference by Connie Huddleston
  1. Annual conference committee meetings- agenda for April board meeting; location- TBA
  2. Establish planning committees for annual conference; request member involvement with planning.
  3. Proposed dates for annual conference- October 9th-10th, 2nd-3rd or 16th-17th (in order of preference).  Reception/network on Thursday night.


  1. Old business
  1. Approve Budget
  1. Treasurer to resubmit budget to board with balance income and expenses with special notes.
  1. WHET Day on the Hill held on March 6, 2014- Lisa Borre
    1. WHET logo has been added to Drive to 55 campaign website.
    2. Board to read/research Governor’s initiative.  Requesting professional option and add to April meeting agenda.
    3. Board to vote during April meeting- proposal to officially partner with the Drive to 55 campaign.


  1. Middle TN Regional Conference held on March 7, 2014- Lisa Borre

48 attendees representing 11 institutions

11 attendees joined as new WHET members and paid membership fee

Mentor/Mentee 18 requests- Requests for new committee to implement WHET mentoring program.

Will email conference participants survey for feedback

  1. Board Liability Insurance by Henrietta Kellum- Lusk
  1. 2014 WHET budget allotted for $200 annual premium.
  2. Dr. Kellum will review agent quotes and budget line as a basis and submit proposals to board.


  1. New Business

RODP Webinar by Connie Huddleston

  1. Proposed Webinar- May 14th or 15th and meeting location is TBA at 11:00 a.m.; Jennifer Thompson, TBR representative; no cost anticipated with webinar.

April 30th board meeting at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in Murfreesboro (TBA)


Meeting adjourned by President Winn at 1:27 p.m.

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