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May 29, 2014 Institutional Representative Meeting

WHET Institutional Representative Meeting

Columbia State Community College

May 29, 2014

11:00 a.m.


Board members present: Jewell Winn, Shanna Jackson, Henrietta Kellum-Lusk, Cissy Holt, La Kiesha Armstrong, Cassandra Anderson

Representatives present: Jonell Kinsey, Roxane Evans, Ginger Kuechle, Catherine Middlebrooks, Deanna Stacey, Cynthia Cyrus, Connie Sink, Libby O’Guinn, Arlene Nicholas-Phillips
Dial-in representatives-Denise King, Miranda Miller

  1. Call to Order at 11:05 a.m. by Dr. Jewell Winn
  2. Introduction of Executive Board
  3. Introduction of Institutional Representatives
  4. Membership update
  5. Overview of Goals- Jewell Winn
    1) Handout with 2013-2014 goals published on WHET website

2) Representatives will share and review strategic goals with other institutional representatives and members

3) New website- paid members create login on the website
4) Capital Day on the Hill- Legislator’s charge to WHET
Request for participation and prepare 2015 agenda for WHET Day on the Hill.

5) Request for submissions to highlight WHET members spotlight on newsletter

  1. Regional updates
    1) Middle TN Regional Conference- Cissy Holt provided details regarding   conference held at Volunteer State Community College
    2) 87 WHET Institutional representatives; 85 members are employed with nonprofit institutional
    3) Regional breakout sessions and develop an event calendar Cissy Holt

4) West TN Regional Conference- Cassandra Anderson
Planning recruiting session to be announced

  1. National update- Shanna Jackson
    American Council on Education- WHET is a state affiliate of ACE
    Wendy Thompson is state liaison for National ACE
    National Agenda- “Moving the Needle”- four initiatives will be announced to WHET membership soon.  Membership to create a national template.
  2. Scholarships
    Applications with deadlines posted on WHET website for members.
    Pat Pierce Award-applications due August 31, 2014
    June Anderson Award- applications due September 12, 2014
    Women of Achievement Award- applications due September 12, 2014
    Hal Ramer- application due August 31, 2014
  3. Conference update
    1) Annual Conference- October 10, 2014 at Middle Tennessee State University
    2) Request for sign up for established committees

3) Request for vendor participants
4) Call for proposals- submission accepted online

5) Host hotel- Holiday Inn Express

6) Thursday evening reception- October 9, 2014, time is TBA

  1. Feedback/Questions
    Question- West TN Regional meeting to be scheduled in September 2014.


Meeting adjourned by President Winn at 12:00 p.m.


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