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January 31, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Women in Higher Education in Tennessee 

January 31, 2014 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Belmont University- Inman Health Science Bldg., 341

Board Members present:  Jewell Winn, Ramona Whitworth, Lisa Borre, Patricia Burks-Jelks, Cassandra Anderson, La Kiesha Armstrong, Connie Huddleston, Dalila Duarte, Lisa Cobb, Henrietta Kellum-Lusk, Regina Henry, Shanna Jackson, Cissy Holt

  1. Call to Order and Greeting by Dr. Jewell Winn
  2. Review of minutes from December 3, 2013.
  • Motion to accept minutes from board meeting
  • Second
  • Motion carried


  1. Treasurer’s Report by La Kiesha Armstrong
  1. Pending Commitments
  • Jason’s Deli
  • Office Depot
  1. President appointment- Assistant Treasurer, La Kiesha Armstrong
  • Recommendation- amend bylaws to address the vacancy
  • Amend bylaws to send checks to Assistant Treasurer
  • Treas., Judy Jordan will transition financial records to Assistant Treasurer
  1. Budget proposal for 2014 fiscal year presented to board.
  2. Change PO Box/mailing address from Cumberland University to Volunteer State Community College- Lisa Borre, Corresponding secretary.
  3. WHET stationary and boxes have been removed from storage per Lisa Cobb.  Six boxes are stored with President Winn.


  1. Committee Reports:
  1. Website– Dalila Duarte
  • Host- $25/month- serves up to 250 members
  • Transfer email address to WHET
  • Goal to launch revision to website in 2-3 weeks (mid-February)
  • Request to send an email recommendation for host
  • Prepare WHET event calendar- due by February meeting


  1. Memberships– Patricia Burks-Jelks
  • Draft of WHET Membership Recruitment Plan presented to the board
  • List of Tennessee Institutions by region
  • East Region- Nancy Ramsey
  • Middle Region- Cissy Holt
  • West Region- Cassandra Anderson
  • Contact current members
  • Accurate list of active members
  • Mass mailings to current members- Corresponding Secretary, Lisa Borre
  • Recruitment mailing- membership committee
  • Mississippi/Alabama WHET conference

Membership Recruiting Plan:

  • Motion to accept the recruitment draft recommended by the membership committee with the amendments- pending appropriate revisions.
  • Second
  • Revisions
  • Tentatively accept the recruitment plan
  • Align recruitment plan with strategic plan
  1. Budget– La Kiesha Armstrong
  • Request for Professional Development budget requests to Assistant Treasurer by February 17
  1. Graduate Student– Dilala Duarte
  • Focus- Recommendation is identify Dean of the graduate schools
  • How can WHET mentor and support graduate students?
  • Membership committee/graduate student will draft a communication to Deans at institutions to reach women in various graduate programs.
  • List of TN Public Universities- School of Education presented to board
  • List of TICUA Member Institutions by region presented to board
  • Divide communications by regions
  1. Communications– Regina Henry
  • Finalize dates for upcoming conference
  • Create a newsletter after first webinar
  • Proposal- What to include in the newsletter?
  • Question- How has WHET currently used social media? What content to post?  What platform to use?
  • Facebook Like Page- Women in Higher Education in TN
  • Twitter- during webinar engage in chat, discussions
  • Linked In
  • Instagram
  • Motion to keep all three social media campaigns and remove Instagram


Motion Carried

  • Content will feed through all three social media platforms
  • Regina Henry, Communications Coordinator manages content- weekly post
  1. Professional Development– Connie Huddleston
  • East Region Professional Development- April


  1. Old Business
  1. Budget requests – submit to La Kiesha Armstrong by Feb 17
  2. Bylaw amendment changes due by April meeting
  3. February webinar– Meet and Greet the WHET Board, Tuesday, February 25th
  • Rehearsal prior to webinar
  • Webinar- 30 minutes- 11:30 – 12:30 central time
  • Instructions will be sent to board members (required dial in number and code)
  • TSU Blackboard collaborate- possible host
  • Board members to send biography and picture for webinar and WHET website
  • Homework- what WHET means to me
  • Message from Dr. Apple
  • Question/answer period
  • Announce confirmed WHET events
  • End webinar with motivational moment
  • Recommendation- next webinar RODP
  • ‘Any Meeting’- free platform
  1. Day on the Hill– March 6
  • Collaborate and focus- service learning and volunteerism
  • Each member prepare a question
  • Homework- question for Day on the Hill
  • 3 meetings with chairs of 1) house 2) senate 3) education committee
  • Middle TN Regional Conference– Lisa Borre, Volunteer State Community College campus- March 7
  • Theme- Women Mentoring Women- Guiding, Promoting, Supporting (GPS)
  • One day conference- Friday, March 7, 8:00-3:30
  • Request for conference facilitators
  • Request for opening plenary speaker
  • Registration is free to current WHET members; $20 fee for attendees
  • Participants (approx. 50 attendees)- $500 lunch ($10pp)
  • State per diem- hotel $95/day
  1. Welcome package (electronic) complete by Corresponding Secretary
  • Develop layout and content- hard and electronic version of the pamphlet/brochure- due February
  • Finalize welcome letter, pamphlet, website and event calendar
    • March- Board Meeting (TBA)
    • April- East TN Regional Conference (TBA)
    • May- Board meeting (TBA)
    • June- No meeting
    • July- Board meeting (TBA)
    • August- West TN Regional Conference (TBA)
    • September- Board meeting (TBA)
    • October- WHET Annual Conference


  1. New Business
  1. ACE- Shanna Jackson, State Coordinator
  • Registration- State Coordinator’s meeting- March 7-8, 2014
  • Travel- Saturday
  • National agenda for advancing women in higher education
  • WHET State Coordinator and President will be attending ACE Conference
  • Mississippi State Conference- look at agenda state rep., major, senators
  • Wendy Thompson- TN State Rep


  1. Other Women’s Organization
  • Passport and Pumps- Expat
  • Athena awards/Cable
  • Women of Legend and Merit
  • Request to bring announcements about female business to board member


  1. Next Board Meeting and Webinar

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

9:00 am – 12:00 pm (central time)

TSU Avon Williams Campus


  1. Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.



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