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March 8th-9th, 2014 ACE Women’s Network Meeting

ACE Women’s Network Meeting

San Diego, CA

March 8-9, 2014



2014 Advancing Women Together: Women’s Network and ACE



  • Women from the following states–AL, CA, MI, IA, NY, OH, CO, ND, PA, MA, GA, VA, IL, SD, MN, WV, NJ, TX, DC, OK, UT, FL, and HI
  • College Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, etc… from various types of institutions.


Panels, working sessions and guest speakers



ACE allows the Inclusive Excellence Group to coordinate the Network.  There is a Women’s Network Executive Council (Victory President is an Emerti of the group).  Wendy Thompson is our Council Liaison.  They also conduct Women’s Leadership Forums at the senior and mid-level.  We may want to consider hosting.


There was a presentation on the “Moving the Needle Initiative” (will forward Power Point once it is received).  There is still much work to be done on advancing women.  There are four goals in the initiative.  The listed goals have been modified.  The correct version will be in the Power Point.


Goal One:  Create a national sense of urgency about the need for more women in leadership positions.


Goal Two:  Encourage Board of Trustees and other institutional decision makers to adopt recommended practices for recruiting and hiring a highly qualified and diverse workforce.


Goal Three:  Support women’s advancement to mid-level and senior-level positions to create a more robust leadership pipeline. 


Goal Four:  Create aspirational principles and/or standards to recognize institutions for advancing women. 

Goal Five:  Support efforts to improve flexibility in the workplace.  

Ideas from other chapters:

  • Legislative panel at conference
  • Increase Legislative Panel
  • Link to other organizations (AAUW)
  • Sponsorships
  • Separate event for students
  • Set up board like Presidents Cabinet (skill based)
  • Training for IR’s (use them more to advocate the organizational mission)
  • Increase membership on standing committees to non-board members (Maybe IR’s)
  • Have IR’s join by phone at certain times with Board Meetings for updates/feedback
  • Book displays at conference
  • Get on Presidents/Others Agenda (TBR, THEC, TICUA) to talk about WHET
  • MI is creating a job shadowing program
  • Table Host at conference
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