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December 3, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Women in Higher Education in Tennessee Board Retreat

December 3, 2013, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Tennessee State University – Avon Williams Campus, 276

Board Members Present:  Jewell Winn, Henrietta Kellum-Lusk, La Kiesha Armstrong, Nancy Ramsey, Cissy Holt, Connie Huddleston, Dalila Duarte, Patricia Burks-Jelks, Regina Henry, Ramona Whitworth, Shanna Jackson (Past President)

Guests:  Past Presidents of WHET- Lori Groves- White, Peggy Carpenter, Sandra Keith

  1. Greeting- Dr. Jewell Winn
  2. Distribution of Advisory Board Handbook 2013 – 2014
  3. Introduction of Board Members
  4. Minutes from previous board meeting are unavailable for approval
  5. WHET President’s Report- Dr. Jewell Winn
    a.  Board vision, goals and charge by the President for upcoming year:

i.  To establish a framework that will equip and empower women within Tennessee to develop and achieve their career goals in the higher education profession.

ii.  Implement a brand identity to communicate the purpose and promote the value of WHET.

iii. Strengthen the organization’s primary functions beyond the annual conference and enhance the valuable experience of members.

iv. Increase membership participation in professional development series and annual conference participants and diversify representation by recruiting more private and for-profit institutions.

b.  Projects for upcoming year:

i.  Develop the whettn.org website to serve as a professional resource for members to include monthly calendar of events, professional development series, social media networks, publish membership awards/recognitions and promotions, and scholarships

ii. Review WHET by-laws and if agreed board will propose amendments to membership during the annual business meeting.

iii. Offer/promote professional development series monthly to current, former and prospective members.

v. Apply for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status


  1. Review of Section 1 in Advisory Board handbook- Dr. Jewell Winn
    Board contact information- email addresses, office phone and cell numbers

a.  Review of bylaws by the executive board, propose recommendations during January 2014 board meeting with plan to finalize executive board’s recommendations by March 2014 meeting.  Board to submit amendment to membership according to Section VIII of WHET bylaws.

  1. Review of Board Roles, Responsibilities and Committees- Dr. Jewell Winn
    a.  Reviewed the roles of board members

b.  Suggestion by Connie Huddleston to develop WHET campus chapters at no
costs to promote institutional awareness of organization’s function,
professional development opportunities and purpose.

c.  Recommendation to establish campus liaisons and increase number of
institutional members

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    a.  Dr. Jewell Winn presented in the absence of Judy Jordan, Treasurer
    b.  Bank account to remain with same financial institution but transfer

service from city of Lebanon to Nashville branch.

  1. Calendar year January 2013 – December 2013.
  2. Motion:
    i.  I [Nancy Ramsey] move to amend the bylaws and develop an ad hoc budget committee as a one-time initiative until the 2014 annual conference business meeting

ii. Seconded
iii. Motioned carried

  1. January board meeting agenda to vote on budget committee members
  2. Budget Committee volunteers- Judy Jordan, Henrietta Kellum-Lusk, Connie Huddleston, and La Kiesha Armstrong
  3. Budget committee to establish a detailed budget to include lines for financial support for regional professional development series, membership campaigns, Patricia Pierce Conference Scholarship, Hal Ramer Scholarship, June Anderson Award, and travel expenses for board and ACE network liaison
  4. Distributed list of 2013 – 2014 Institutional members and representatives.
  5. Available account balance is $26,931.80 as of November 30, 2013.
    See Addendum A for copy of treasurer’s report.
  6. Motion:
    i.  I [Henrietta Kellum-Lusk] move to accept the November 30, 2013 Treasurer’s report as presented.
    ii.  Seconded
    iii.  Motion carried


  1. Conference Assessment- Dr. Regina Henry
  1. Conference survey participation rate- 50%
  • Preparation of presenters- 56% very prepared
  • Level of satisfaction with length of event- 64% very satisfied
  • Duration of event- 92% just right
  • Ease of conference registration process- 36% quite easy
  • Rate of satisfaction with food and beverage- 52% very satisfied
  • Satisfaction with topic/session choices- 48% somewhat satisfied
  • Why did you attend- 64% for networking
  1. Assessment included a list of improvements for future conferences,  communication recommendations, and overarching themes for 2015 shared by conference attendees.
    See Addendum B for copy of treasurer’s report.
  2. Continue to assess the value of WHET membership quarterly.
  1. Website Update/Feedback- Dr. Regina Henry and Ramona Whitworth
  1. Roles- Website content and communications manager- Dr. Regina Henry, Communications Coordinator; Webmaster- Ramona Whitworth, Photographer/Assistant Communications Coordinator
  2. Online membership and conference registration forms- Form Stack software requires nominal fee.
  3. Yahoo website host and add WHET contact email address on Contact Us page.
  4. Membership menu on the website defines individual membership versus institutional membership.
  5. Question for Treasurer- process of online membership registration forms and payment submissions.
  6. Create members only secure log in to access member

directory, financial records/forms, board meeting minutes, scholarship applications

  1. Add to photo gallery
  2. Update WHET content on Facebook and Linked In
  3. Add institution members logos
  4. Change link from Board to Meet Our Board- board members to submit bibliographies and Jpeg photo to Ramona Whitworth, Assistant Communications Coordinator as soon as possible.
  5. Add calendar of events, literary resources


  1. Membership Drive- Dr. Jewell Winn
    a.  Motion:
    i.  I [Connie Huddleston] move to reconstruct the Membership Committee to include the East, Middle and West Tennessee Regional Representatives with the Membership Coordinator to serve as committee chair.
    ii.  Seconded
    iii.  Motion carried
    b. Amend Motion:
    i.  I [Connie Huddleston] move to amend the previous motion to reconstruct the Membership Committee to include the East, Middle and West Tennessee Representatives, Membership Coordinator as committee chair and Graduate Student Representative.
    ii.  Seconded
    iii.  Motion carried
    c.  Distinguished functions of Corresponding Secretary and Communications Coordinator when disseminating information about membership.
    d.  Motion:
    i.  I [Cissy Holt] move to define the annual membership and renewal year to October 1 – September 30.
    ii.  Seconded
    iii.  Motion carried
    e.  Recommendation to create a recruitment plan to encompass delivery of an electronic welcome package to new and renewing members.  Membership Committee present preliminary plan during January 2014 board meeting with the goal of presenting to the President’s Council during spring 2014 TBR President’s Council.
    f.  Members to receive a welcome from the President and introduction of resource information and upcoming professional development series on the website.
    g.  Institute monthly WHET announcements and communications to membership.
    h. Email monitored by Corresponding Secretary
    i.  Membership Committee update and maintain lists of WHET members in addition to annual conference attendees.


  1. American Council on Education (ACE) Network Liaison- Dr. Jewell Winn

a.  Presidential appointee for a two-year term.
b.  Role of   liaison defined in Bylaws Section III, 5.

c.  Appointment presented to the executive board- Dr. Shanna Jackson


  1. Working Lunch with Past Presidents of WHET
    a. Each Past President shared their successful and challenging experiences while serving their term.
    b.  Dr. Jewell Winn provided an overview of the board goals and vision for WHET for the upcoming year.
    c. Suggestions from Past President to the board
  2. Mapping Our Future
    a.   Offer professional development series in all three Tennessee regions for upcoming year.
    b.  Professional Development Coordinator, Connie Huddleston
    c.  Announce professional development series, webinars and conference information on social media networks
    d.  Develop framework for mentorship to include service and academic/scholarship
    e.  Plan and develop calendar of events for 2014 year
  3. 2014 WHET Annual Conference
    a. Host Institution- Middle Tennessee State University
    b. Date in October 2014 to be announced
    c. Annual Conference Committee Chair- President Elect Henrietta Kellum-Lusk and to be announced committee members
    d.  Scholarship committee volunteers- Dr. Regina Henry, chair; Ramona Whitworth and Dr. Shanna Jackson
  4. Next board meeting:  January 31, 2014 at Belmont University


  1. Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.
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